About Telendos

Afrodite Rooms are located in Telendos islet, an ideal place to escape from the fuss of a big city.

Telendos is a small islet 0.7 nautical miles away from Kalymnos. There are 54 inhabitants and a school for 2 children. Most if its residents work as fishermen, or are involved in tourism.

Traditional and Unique

Telendos maintains a traditional lifestyle with a modern days sense. There are small paved paths all over the islet, and others that are nothing but rocks and dirt. Wandering on these, the visitor can meet small traditional houses and friendly people.

Lately, the younger people have brought a younger touch to the overall aesthetics of Telendos. Modern buildings, such as Afrodite Rooms have been built, in respect to the traditional style of the islet.

Things to Do in Telendos

Telendos is offered for relaxing holidays and your stay in Afrodite Rooms will make your holidays on the islet unforgettable. Morever, apart from the great view and the relaxing moments the visitor can enjoy from the rooms balcony or the shared yard, Telendos is challenging you to explore it.

Archeological Sites

Being very close to Kalymnos (in fact Telendos was part of Kalymnos before being separated by a massive earthquake in 535 AD), it shares the same history as Kalymnos.

The visitor can find remnants of ancient Greek and Roman period as well as medieval structures from the Byzantine era. The Ancient Theater of Telendos, Necropolis of Tholaria and the Workshop of the Romans are evidence of its past.

Moreover, Basilica of Agios Vasilios, Basilica of Agia Triada and Basilica of Pothia are three of the best preserved basilica in the area.


Telendos rocky landscape is ideal for hiking and rock climbing. It hosts numerous paths, unspoiled by the humans, that will lead you to great spots, with breathtaking view and a magnificent view of the sunset, such as the highest peak of the area, Rachi, and the Chapel of Agios Georgios.

The more adventurous visitors, can try climbing the rocks of Telendos, which are easily accessible. The quality of the rocks is excellent, and the climbing fields are fully equipped and totally safe.

Needles to say, the island is full of places to swim, with crystal clear water, and small beaches to spend a hot summer day under the sun.

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